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Keeping you focused is not just a matter of will!

If you feel good, you can concentrate better.

Clinical studies have shown that serotonin positively influences reaction times, attention levels, motivation and mood. Furthermore, in elderly patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment, serotonin levels were increased by administration of serotonin precursors. They reported significant improvements in cognitive function. In our Serotalin you will not only find the direct serotonin precursor 5-HTP but also important co-factors and other synergistic ingredients.

To the product

These 3 points must be fulfilled for concentrated work

1. motivation and a clear goal

2. emotional balance

3. your working atmosphere

"I can definitely concentrate better or go with more vigor to the things I need to do. Can recommend the capsules, but do not take too late, always in the morning."

"Really good stuff, makes me much more productive. It already contains caffeine but I still drink my cafe in the morning, comes good:)"

"I digress less from the topic and am more focused...sometimes the effect is more subtle and other times it is well felt and helps me."