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Questions on serotalin® Original

Normally, the serotonin level in the brain can hardly be regulated by food. This is due to the so-called blood-brain barrier, which does not allow serotonin to pass through.

That is why, ideally, serotonin must be produced locally. And this is exactly where serotalin® comes in: The special combination of valuable amino acids, minerals and vitamins ensures the release of serotonin in the brain. The serotonin level increases.

Our serotalin® Original is free of additives, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free. Thus easily tolerated and proven side effects are not known to us.

Depending on how well you tolerate caffeine, you may be able to do without your coffee in the morning, as our capsule already contains 49 mg. This corresponds to about one cup of coffee. .

Take the capsule best in the morning in combination with a small breakfast.

We recommend taking one capsule in the morning with a small breakfast.

serotalin® is your upgrade for intense days. You don't have to take it every day. Try to get a feel for serotalin® and take it according to your personal needs.

Many of our customers take one capsule of serotalin® on days when they need to be extra powerful. On weekends or casual Fridays, they skip it.

No, serotalin® is not purely herbal. The high dosage of vitamins is not feasible purely vegetable. Nevertheless, our product is completely vegan - even the capsule and gluten-free. Made "Made in Germany" with high quality.

That's not a problem. You can open the capsule and drink the white, neutral-tasting powder or mix it into your yoghurt. The only important thing is that the powder should not be left open in the air for too long and should not be heated.

The combination with antidepressants should be discussed with your doctor because of the mutual reinforcement.

It is generally advisable to ask your doctor whether the combination with a drug you are taking is possible.

serotalin® contains 49mg of caffeine per daily serving and is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Due to the caffeine it contains, serotalin® is not recommended for children under the age of 14.

serotalin® is carefully manufactured and produced in Germany. The ingredients are checked for heavy metals and pesticides, so you get a product of the highest quality.

Our manufacturing process is GMP certified. This "Good Manufacturing Practice" promises a high standard and guarantee the highest quality.

Fragen zu serotalin® Johanniskraut

Sowohl bei den serotalin® Original und serotalin®
Johanniskraut empfehlen wir eine bedarfsorientierte Einnahme. Das bedeutet, man
muss es nicht täglich einnehmen, sondern immer dann, wenn man das Gefühl hat
man müsse sein Wohlbefinden wieder in die richtigen Bahnen lenken.

serotalin® Original und serotalin® Johanniskraut sind unabhängig voneinander entwickelt worden und haben beide für sich genommen eine klare Wirkung: Während serotalin® Original dich fitter, wacher und aktiver macht, führt Johanniskraut zur Beruhigung und sorgt für ein Gefühl der inneren Ruhe.

Es besteht aber auch eine Wechselwirkung zwischen den beiden Produkten, die eine gleichzeitige oder tageszeit-versetzte Einnahme unter Umständen sinnvoll machen:  Johanniskraut hat eine direkte Wirkung auf den GABA-Spiegel im Gehirn, Ist jedoch zu wenig Serotonin im Gehirn vorhanden, beinträchtigt dies die Wirkung der GABA-Rezeptoren: Das Mehr an GABA kann demnach nicht optimal verarbeitet werden. Hier kommt dann serotalin® Original ins Spiel. Denn durch das enthaltene 5-HTP sorgt serotalin® Orginal für eine schnelle Erhöhung des Serotoninspiegels. Dieser höhere Serotonin-Spiegel führt dann zu einer stärkeren beruhigenden Wirkung.

Nein. Es ist zwar korrekt, dass in Arzneimitteln mit
Johanniskraut vor einer erhöhten Lichtempfindlichkeit gewarnt wird. Jedoch gibt
es kaum Hinweise und Studien, die diesen Effekt belegen. Zudem konnten wir die Johanniskraut-Anteil
durch die Zugabe von Lindenblüten wesentlich verringern, so dass die Johanniskraut-Dosis
in serotalin® viel geringer ist als in oben genannten Arzneimitteln. Diese geringe
Menge macht Lichtempfindlichkeit und eine entsprechende Reaktion des Körpers sehr

Questions about the order

Über unseren Partner Klarna bieten wir die Zahlung per Rechnung mit 30 Tagen Zahlungsziel an. Hierzu bitte beim Bestellvorgang "Kauf auf Rechnung Klarna" auswählen. Eine Registrierung direkt bei Klarna ist nicht notwendig.

Die Rechnung wird per E-Mail ab dem Zeitpunkt des Versands der Ware zugeschickt. Ebenfalls per E-Mail erhältst du die Zahlungsaufforderung direkt von Klarna. Die Bezahlung erfolgt dann ausschließlich über Klarna - entweder über deren Website oder über die Klarna-App.  Bitte keine Überweisung auf unser Bankkonto vornehmen!

You will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking ID and a link to the shipment tracking.

Important for orders to Austria: Please enter the tracking number on

If the package has not arrived at your address, it is best to first check in the tracking system whether the package was delivered to a branch. Unfortunately, sometimes DHL forgets to put a notification in the mailbox.

Please note that for hygienic reasons we can only take back unopened goods. You can return the products within 14 days to the following address:

Serotalin GmbH
Am Mühlberg 22
93077 Bad Abbach

Please write us a short email to with your name and order number, if you have them handy. As soon as we have received and checked the goods, we will refund your money. You can find more information in our terms and conditions.

To protect the environment, we do not enclose paper invoices with the packages. However, after a few days you will automatically receive a pdf invoice to your specified e-mail address.

If any parts of your order are missing, please send a short mail to with your name and order number, if you have it handy. See subject line in the order confirmation.

We will send you the missing products as soon as possible.

You can redeem your voucher code at the last step of the checkout process. Mobil click on "Show order summary" to get the discount code field displayed. Entering the code will then automatically recalculate the price.

Please note that the discount code is only valid if some redemption conditions are met: for example, new customer order, minimum order value, time limit.

It's very simple: You contact with your return request. After our check you will receive information from us for the return shipment.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

- The warranty is valid for 60 days after purchase of the product.

- The product you want to return must not be empty .

- If you have ordered a product more than once, only one package may be opened.

- We will refund 100% of the purchase price to the payment method used at the time of purchase.

- Shipping costs will not be refunded.

- The 14-day right of withdrawal remains unaffectedby the money-back guarantee.

So you can now easily test our products without risk.