serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&
serotalin® ST. JOHN&

serotalin® ST. JOHN'S WORT | 60 capsules for 2 months

"Provides inner peace in a stressful day."

  • Protects cells from oxidative stress
  • 100 % without additives
  • Synergy of genuine St. John's wort, lime blossom and co-factors
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For your daily dose of happiness

Daily intake1 capsuleNRV*
St. John's wort extract177 mg-
Lime blossom extract133 mg-
L-tryptophan88 mg-
Niacin (mg NE)16 mg100%
Vitamin B22.8 mg200%
Manganese1.0 mg50%
vitamin B12.2 mg200%

Nutrient reference values according to EU Regulation 1169/2011

Adults consume 1 capsule daily in the morning with sufficient water

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake stated. Always consult your doctor before taking food supplements. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

We want you to be able to test our products without risk. This way you can convince yourself of the positive effect.

In case you are not satisfied and your expectations are not met, you can return the product and the remaining contents to us within 60 days.

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We will refund 100% of the purchase price to the payment method used at the time of purchase. Shipping costs will not be refunded. The product must also not be empty.
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FAQ - The most important facts in brief

serotalin® is carefully manufactured and produced in Germany. The ingredients are tested for heavy metals and pesticides, so you get a product of the highest quality.

Our manufacturing process is GMP certified. This "Good Manufacturing Practice" promises a high standard and guarantee the highest quality.

The hyperforin contained in St. John's wort acts as a reuptake inhibitor of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine, slowing down the breakdown of these important neurotransmitters and naturally increasing serotonin levels. In addition, St. John's wort also has a direct effect on the GABA level in the brain, which contributes significantly to the positive and unique effect of St. John's wort extracts.

For the selection of a suitable additive plant extract, we investigated a variety of extracts as well as single substances with calming effects. As an optimal ingredient and companion we identified the aqueous flower extract of the littleleaf linden (Tilia cordata), which is added to St. John's wort with a high-quality extraction ratio of 10:1.

These two main ingredients together with L-tryptophan and co-factors make the serotalin® St. John's wort edition an ideal companion.

While serotalin® - Original has a strong effect on the drive and motivation, the effect of serotalin® -Johanniskraut lies in the calming and composure.

The positive effects of St. John's wort and lime blossom have been known since the Middle Ages. In combination with the amino acid tryptophan and with valuable co-factors such as riboflavin 5-phosphate (vitamin B2), the building materials for a higher serotonin, dopamine and GABA levels with a calming effect are created.

Thus serotalin®- St. John's Wort Edition additionally protects the cells from oxidative stress, supports the energy metabolism and the nervous system and contributes to the reduction of fatigue.


Use the synergy of real St. John's wort and lime blossom

Find inner peace

Through the calming effect of St. John's wort, reduce restlessness and excessive demands.

Relax happily & calmly

With serotalin® - St. John's wort edition in times of strong stress, regain inner strength and happy ease.

Enjoy quiet nights

serotalin® - St. John's Wort Edition increases your GABA level. Finally sleep through the nights relaxed again!

What our customers say

Customer Reviews

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Vivien V.
Nice to have

Deutliche Verbesserung, mehr Energie und Lust. Ich will's nicht mehr missen :)


Tolles und angenehmes Produkt

Stefan Gramlich Klotz
Tolles Produkt!

Die Wirkung dauerte 1-2 Wochen bis sie einsetzte, danach fühlte ich mich deutlich entspannter und konnte den Tag beruhigter angehen. Würde das Produkt weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank dafür🧘🏼‍♂️😀

Sabine Schneider
Ich bin sehr zufrieden

Ich bin sehr zufrieden

D. K.
Sehr zu empfehlen!

Mein Mann und ich nehmen morgens Happy Mood und Happy Energy und sind sehr zufrieden! Ich habe zuvor ein ähnliches, teureres Produkt einer anderen Marke gekauft und wollte aus Kostengründen Serotalin ausprobieren. Ich merke nach 2 Monaten keinen Unterschied zwischen den beiden Produkten! Ich bin deutlich Stress resistenter und weniger gereizt. Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert!

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General Information

St. John's wort capsules - accompanying mood enhancer

Nervous restlessness, inner stress, sweating and poor sleep - does this sound familiar? Many people suffer from stress in everyday life. Relaxation is out of the question, even in the evening, snuggled up in a warm blanket. Circling thoughts can cause sleepless nights and in turn spoil your mood. Don't let that happen, but allow yourself a little relaxation. How? Quite simply: with our St. John's wort capsules. The capsules with St. John's wort and linden blossoms are your new haven of peace in your stressful everyday life.

St. John's wort capsules for bursts of courage & bliss

Stress and restlessness can inhibit you and your productivity. Don't let that happen, start your path to inner balance with serotalin® St. John's Wort Capsules....

St. John's wort capsules: use for restlessness and mental stress

You meditate regularly, do sports and basically try to live a healthy and balanced life. Nevertheless, you do not manage to switch off completely? Sometimes important issues just won't let us go. Whether it's your job, your private life or something similar - there are so many things that can cause you inner turmoil and bad mood. And this is where our St. John's wort capsules come into play: They support you in finding your inner center again and help you to simply switch off the annoying carousel of thoughts. Soothing calm thanks to St . John's wort capsules - how wonderful!
The St. John's wort capsules have it all: In addition to St. John's wort, they contain lime blossom extract, L-tryptophan, niacin and vitamin B2. All in all, you get a healthy dose of bliss in every single capsule. Sounds great, right? Find out exactly what St. John's wort and the other ingredients are all about here.

St. John's wort capsules - what is St. John's wort?

St. John's wort has been valued for its positive effects for many centuries. Only a few years ago, the yellow flowering herb was therefore even chosen as the medicinal plant of the year. Nicknamed the "captured power of the sun", one of the reasons for its name is its bright yellow flowers, which open from June onwards and add a few fabulous splashes of color to wild meadows and embankments. As soon as the medicinal plant blooms, it can be harvested. To get its beneficial effects, leaves, flowers and shoots are harvested. You don't even have to go looking for it - we've done it for you. Our St. John's wort capsules contain effective extracts that release their effects into your body. For the best results, you should take the capsules regularly and without a break. Then the natural powers of the medicinal plant can develop optimally.
But how does St. John's wort work? The extracts from the plant in our St. John's wort capsules help against mild depressive moods and calm the mind. This is due to the hyperforin contained in the leaves and flowers. This is a reuptake inhibitor of serotonin, dopamine and GABA. These are neurotransmitters that perform different tasks in your brain:

  • GABA is responsible for your mental relaxation, among other things.
  • Dopamine has a motivating, stimulating effect.
  • Serotonin is important for many bodily functions. It regulates special messenger substances and moods in your brain.

If you take hyperforin, it inhibits the renewed (too fast) reuptake of serotonin and co. into the respective transmitter cells after they have been released.

This means: If you take our St. John's wort capsules regularly, your happiness will receive a proper boost.

St. John's wort capsules with lime blossoms - restore your inner balance

St. John's wort is an effective plant when it comes to restlessness and depressive moods. Nevertheless, it does not come to you alone, but brings in the St. John's wort capsules energetic reinforcement: Linden blossoms. Linden blossoms have also been known as a natural remedy for a long time. Already centuries ago, infusions, teas and powders were mixed with the delicate blossoms. Linden blossoms are often used to treat cold symptoms, but the extracts conceal an even more important power: linden blossoms have a balancing effect. Even the scent of the fresh blossoms on the tree in nature has a calming effect. When processed into an extract, lime blossoms combat nervousness and restlessness. This helps not only in everyday working life, but especially afterwards. Thanks to the balancing effect, sleep is also more restful. Therefore, lime blossoms are a perfect complement to St. John's wort. An unbeatable duo when it comes to your inner balance.

St. John's wort capsules - herbal effect for the soul

In our St. John's wort capsules we have combined excellent active ingredients into an effective symbiosis:
St. John's wort extracts contain hyperforin, which is known as a natural reuptake inhibitor of serotonin.
Linden blossoms have a balancing effect and help against insomnia.
L-tryptophan is converted to serotonin in your body and makes bad moods look old fast.
Niacin supports the energy metabolism and contributes to the function of your nervous system.

All these ingredients you take with the serotalin® St. John's wort capsules daily. The capsules contain no additives and are easy to dose. The positive effect is of natural origin, because the ingredients support and stimulate normal processes in your organism.
What are you waiting for? With us you have luck on your side. Leave the winter blues right outside the door!

St. John's wort against depression? A natural companion on your way!

St. John's wort is especially famous for its effect against mild depression. As a reuptake inhibitor of serotonin, it builds a longer lasting feeling of happiness. St. John's wort is therefore known as a natural antidepressant. Thus, over the past centuries, it has become a true miracle drug, straight from nature into the medicine cabinets of many people. No wonder - after all, St. John's wort extracts have a much gentler effect on the body than synthetic psychotropic drugs. There are several scientific studies about the positive effects of the medicinal herb in our St. John's wort capsules. The advantage over many synthetic drugs is the gentle effect. Many antidepressants sometimes bring burdensome side effects, such as fatigue or lack of concentration. St. John's wort, on the other hand, as a natural active ingredient, has hardly any side effects and can usually be taken without concern.
There are many things in life that trigger depressive phases. In addition to overload and lack of light or sun, these can also be bereavement or genetic predisposition. No matter what takes the wind out of your sails - don't let it get you down. With our St. John's wort capsules, you can take your happiness into your own hands again and turn the sails back towards happiness.

Winter blues? It can stay outside!

Are you a winter or a summer type? Many people like the bright colors of autumn - but everything that comes after is stressful. Winter brings wetness, cold and above all darkness. And it's precisely this that can really get to us humans. Because sunlight is a true source of energy and makes us happy. This is because serotonin production is stimulated as soon as the sun's warm rays hit our face. In December or January, the clouds may not leave a spot for the sun for many days in a row. A typical consequence? Winter blues, or winter depression.
Due to lower serotonin production, moods drop and fatigue increases. We are more prone to stress and physical illness. Motivation, where are you? If everyday life then means additional stress, this can be quite demanding for body and soul.
Treat yourself to your own personal time in the sun and leave the darkness at the door in the cold. The St. John's wort capsules help you to do this and support the feeling of happiness through their reuptake-inhibiting function. Order directly your reinforcement for the whole winter: Our St. John's wort capsules are available in a practical storage pack. 60 St. John's wort capsules provide you with calming powers and mood-lifting St. John's wort for 2 months. How long is your winter? The more St. John's wort capsules you order from us, the higher our good mood discount will be for you.

St. John's wort capsules with lime blossom extract - fabulous for your health

For us, the main focus of St. John's wort and linden blossoms is their calming effect. However, this is no reason to hide the positive effects of both medicinal plants on your physical health. Because in addition to your psyche, the natural substances support your physical well-being:
The balancing and calming effect of St. John's wort can relieve headaches and migraine symptoms.
St. John's wort can also help with gastrointestinal problems.
Ladies beware: St. John's wort alleviates the symptoms of PMS, making your cycle more comfortable.
St. John's wort is also effective against bladder infections.
Linden flowers support the healing of coughs caused by colds and respiratory diseases.

Buy St. John's wort capsules - only from serotalin®

We at serotalin® want to support you in taking your performance and happiness to a new level. That is why we have developed effective nutritional supplements that work in a natural way. Our St. John's wort capsules are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. Half measures do not come with us into the capsule! And you can also go the whole hog and order our serotalin® original as a supplement to the St. John's wort capsules. While St. John's wort has a balancing and calming effect, serotalin® Original makes you alert and fit for all challenges. Although the effects diverge, the ingredients complement each other.

Serotonin - the fuel of your good mood

Of course, you are primarily responsible for your own happiness. But there is something that triggers your feelings of happiness: serotonin. This happiness hormone is released when you are in a good mood, happy or when the sun smiles on your face. The messenger substance known as the happiness hormone has a positive effect on your mood and is therefore enormously important for your well-being. Happiness in capsules - that would be nice. And that's exactly what you can get from us to round off the St. John's wort capsules. Our serotalin® original contains a clever composition of various amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Together, the ingredients ensure that more serotonin is released in your brain and your serotonin level increases. In combination with the St. John's wort capsules you get a comprehensive effect:
The St. John's wort capsules make you gently more balanced and give you inner peace. The serotalin® original strengthen your vitality and your motivation. The perfect mixture, isn't it?

St. John's wort capsules: Dosage made easy

There are many St. John's wort preparations on the market. While teas and powders always take a little more time to take, our St. John's wort capsules are efficient. Grab a glass of water in the morning and take one St. John's wort capsule. That's it!
Boil extra water, swing the dosing spoon every morning or mix little potions? Your time is too valuable for such elaborate procedures. Our capsules make it easy for you - inner balance to go. When taking the dosage, always pay attention to the respective amount to be consumed. If you are unsure before taking them, talk to your doctor about it.
You can't imagine that the substances in the St. John's wort capsules have an effective effect? Then try it out! With our money-back guarantee, you take no risk and you can eagerly get involved in the balancing effect of St. John's wort and linden blossoms. Note, however, that St. John's wort is a natural remedy and not a magic herb. For a noticeable effect, you need to take the capsules over a longer period of time. Then they are your helpers in stressful times.