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Serotonin & Depression: Antidepressiva oder Nahrungsergänzung

Serotonin & Depression: Antidepressiva oder Nahrungsergänzung

Was hat es auf sich mit Antidepressiva? Die häufigsten Anwendungsgebiete von Antidepressiva, Nebenwirkungen und natürliche Alternativen. Wie funktionieren Serotonin-Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und welche Einnahme macht Sinn.
Glücksrezepte für mehr Konzentration ohne Mittagstief

Happy recipes for more concentration without a midday slump

From a wholesome breakfast, to a savoury lunch packed with nutrients and a sweet snack completely free from refined sugar.

Creative recipes for your lucky day.

Frau die in der Nacht wach im Bett liegt und nicht schlafen kann. Im Vordergrund steht ein Wecker.

Sleep disorders and serotonin

You want to sleep, but it just doesn't work? You wake up early and can't get back to sleep? Exception or permanent condition? Almost everyone has a night like that. But for every tenth person, sleeping badly is the rule rather than the exception. This is where our hormone "serotonin" plays an important role.
Du hast schon vom Serotoninmangel gehört?

You've heard of serotonin deficiency?

You sometimes do not recognize yourself?
Ask yourself why you of all people are in a bad mood, tired and listless?
Why the unpopular digestive problems are always bothering you?
Or wonder if your headaches are caused by insomnia?

Glücksrezept - saftiges Bananenbrot

Lucky recipe - juicy banana bread

Juicy banana bread made from wholemeal spelt flour with crunchy walnuts and low-fat quark.

A delicious creation that makes you happy!